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Protect Your Investments with Grand Design Roofing!

What’s Important to You?

It’s an easy question to answer, isn’t it? Your family. Your friends, Your faith. Your love of country. As for possessions, you’d probably list your home, your car, or your business. After all, you’ve got a lot invested in them.

Naturally, when you make investments, you want to protect them, and that includes the roofs that cover them.

Why Choose Grand Design Roofing for Your Metal Roof Installation and Repairs?

Simple, we know metal roofing, and Grand Design Roofing offers top-notch, quality craftmanship second to none. If you’re looking to install, repair or replace a metal roof over your home, garage, or business, we’ll guide you through the process to help you choose the best, high-quality roofing panel system for your project be it standard seam roofing, rib roofing, or even agricultural-roofing. We’ll make sure you not only have a watertight lock on your roof that will perform well against the elements but that will also have great curb appeal. We’ll leave you with a roof that has a sleek, standout look, the envy of your neighborhood.

Have other roofing related needs?

Fortunately for you, Grand Design Roofing is a one-stop shop. We offer comprehensive roofing services including siding installations. Call us for details!

Not sure you have the funds to pay for a metal roofing project up front?

Don’t worry. We’ve got that covered, too, with competitive rates and options to fit your budget. Oh, and yes, we’re also licensed and insured. And we guarantee our work.

Weather the Weather with Grand Design Roofing

If there’s one thing that’s certain in Cambridge, Ohio, it’s that rain, wind, snow, and sun will continue to beat down on your roof. But you can stay ahead of the game with a long-lasting, low maintenance, attractive metal roof installation by Grand Design Roofing.

Our satisfied customers are our best advertisers. That’s why whether you’re shopping for a new construction project, a complete roof replacement, or a simple repair, our knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced team will do their all to ensure they leave your site with an attractive, quality roof that will hold up to the worst weather Ohio has to offer in the Cambridge, Ohio area.