Why home and business owners You Contact Grand Design Roofing for standing seam metal roofing Installations and Repairs in Martins Ferry, Ohio?

After you contact Grand Design Roofing, our experts can thoroughly inspect your roof, and the specialists could provide a free estimate, repair your roof, or install a premium roof. You can select a metal roof that will reduce the effects of moisture, increase energy efficiency, augment the value of your property, and withstand large amounts of snow.

Completing Several Repairs

When a roof is leaking, the experienced roofers will determine the cause of the leak, and the specialists will add durable felt that could prevent leaks in the future. The experts may also install new shingles that can increase the durability of the roof. Usually, the manufacturer will provide a warranty, and if a new shingle requires repairs, our company can quickly replace the shingle.

Installing a Metal Roof

During the past 20 years, countless customers have selected metal roofs that can considerably improve energy efficiency. The metal roofs will reflect a substantial amount of sunlight, and consequently, the roofs could reduce the costs of energy by more than 20 percent. Moreover, metal roofs can withstand snow, rain and wind, and the roofs feature durable strips that will stabilize the panels.

Selecting a Traditional Roof

Our company can install traditional roofs that feature efficient shingles, and our roofers could add premium felt, flashing and numerous types of sealants. The flashing will protect the edges of the roof. During a storm, the flashing will reduce the effects of moisture, and the felt will also improve the durability of the roof.

The experts are able to place an ice guard underneath the shingles. The ice guard can safeguard the underlying boards, and the component can also protect the roof from snow.

You could select a roof that features a ridge vent, and this component will substantially improve the flow of air within the attic. According to numerous reports, a ridge vent can considerably decrease the level of moisture within the attic. Therefore, a ridge vent could reduce the risk of mold, and the ridge vent can also decrease the temperature within the attic. If a roof features a ridge vent, the component will also increase the value of the roof.

Receiving a Free Consultation

When you browse our website, you can evaluate the benefits of a metal roof, and you should also review several guidelines that describe the features of traditional roofs. Additionally, you could examine our service area, numerous testimonials, a description of our company and useful resources.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation, you should complete our contact form. Our experts will answer your questions, schedule an appointment, estimate the costs of repairs, and indicate the price of a new roof.